26th Journées Arithmétiques

6 - 10 July 2009

Université de Saint-Étienne




   Local information 

Saint-Etienne   :  Here is a presentation of the city (Wikipedia page )

Getting there

* The Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport  is  25 km at the East of Lyon and  70 km from Saint-Etienne.  To come to Saint-Etienne from the Airport, you may :  

        - Take a shuttlee Satobus  at the exit of the airport (there is at least one shuttle every 20 minutes). The fare is  8,90 € for a One-way ticket and   15,80 € for a Round Trip ticket. 

        - You may leave the shuttle at the Lyon Part-Dieu train station, where you may take a train to  Saint-Etienne.

* From  Lyon Part-Dieu train station or   Lyon Perrache  train station : 

       - Take a train to Saint-Etienne Châteaucreux train station (from Lyon Part- Dieu station, there is one train every 30 minutes). The fare is about  10 € for a One-way ticket.

Maps of Saint-Etienne 

Here is a map of the city Saint-Etienne (source :  Ville de Saint-Etienne website).

Practical Information  

Here is a customized version of the  map of the city Saint-Etienne  :  we specifically marked three areas

- The Area"Gare de Chateaucreux / Train Station".

- The  "Campus Trefilerie Area" which contain the location of the JA, the location of the University Accomodation, and also the location of a Shopping Mall (cafeteria, fast food restaurants, supermarket, shops,...) 

- The  "Center City Area" which contains the "Hôtel de Ville" place, where the reception by the Mayor of  Saint-Etienne, Maurice Vincent will take place and the Conference Dinner. This area also contains the Office du Tourisme de Saint-Etienne.

City Taxi / Cab Booth   :
Place Hôtel de Ville - 04 77 32 37 85
Chateaucreux Train Station - 04 77 32 57 72
Place du Peuple - 04 77 32 37 87  

Some   restaurants : 

-Cafeteria Casino Centre 2.
 # Address :    Rue Pourcel et "Grande Rue" Close at  9:30 pm (closed on Sunday evenings).
Suitable for vegetarian meals

Pizzeria +  Savoy region cuisine. Closed on Saturday noon, Monday evenings, and Sundays
 # Telephone : 0477323773
# Budget : 10-20€
# Address : "Grande Rue": 19, rue du 11 novembre (near Tréfilerie Campus)

-Aux deux pommes de pin. (Christophe Perrin)
Regional Cuisine.
# Budget : 10-20€
# telephone : 04 77 38 03 75
# Address :  2 rue Dormoy (near  "Le Gaumont"  movie building) 

-La Fourchette Gourmande.
# Traditional cuisine from Lyon 
# Budget : 15-25€
# Adresse : 10, rue Francis Garnier 42000 Saint Etienne
 # Telephone : 04 77 41 76 86
This restaurant is discreet but very good !

-Pizzeria "L'Italia"
# Budget : 10-20€
# Address : 7, rue d'Alma
# Telephone : 04 77 33 27 86

-L'Orchidée Blanche
Open buffet : Asian Cuisine (Thai, Sushi,...)
# Address : 10, Rue Notre Dame 42000 Saint Etienne
# Telephone :  +33 4 77 32 17 10
# Budget : 15-25€

- Il Tranello. Cuisine italienne.
 # Budget : 10-25€
 # Address :   4 rue Rouget de l'Isle 42000 St Etienne

   Scientific program

Topics of the JA: all the branches of Number Theory and its applications.

History of the  JA: see the article of Jacques Martinet (pdf, dvi, ps).

Scientific Committee:

Shigeki Akiyama, Université de Niigata, Japan
Francesco Amoroso, Université de Caen, France
Kevin Buzzard, Imperial College London, UK
Brian Conrad, Stanford, USA
Katia Consani, Johns Hopkins, USA
Pierre Liardet, Université de Provence, France [President]
Richard Pink, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Paula Tretkoff (née Cohen), Texas A&M, USA
Jerzy Urbanowicz, IMPAN, Poland
Gerard Van der Geer, Université d'Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Invited Speakers 

Matthew Baker (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta)
Title : "Graphs and arithmetic geometry"

Laurent Berger
(École Normale Supérieure de Lyon)
Title : "Représentations $p$-adiques et $(\varphi,\Gamma)$-modules"

Yann Bugeaud
(Université de Strasbourg)
Title : "Versions quantitatives du théorème du sous-espace et applications"

Alain Connes
(Collège de France, Paris)
Title : "Le monoïde des classes d'adèles"

Jean-Marie De Koninck
(Université Laval, Québec)  : Public Lecture
Title :  "La vie secrète des Mathématiques"

Manfred Einsiedler
(Ohio State University, Colombus
/ ETH, Zürich)
Title :  "Applications of measure rigidity of diagonalizable actions"

Jerzy Kaczorowski (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań )
Title :  
"Characterization of L-functions with small degrees"

Laurent Lafforgue
(Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, Bures-sur-Yvette
Title : "A propos du principe de fonctorialité de Langlands et de la formule de Poisson"

Jeffrey C. Lagarias
(University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Title : "Smooth solutions to the ABC equation"

Joseph H. Silverman
(Brown University, Providence)
Title : "Specialization theorems and unlikely intersections"

Michael Stoll
(Universität Bayreuth
Title :  
"Rational points on curves"

Jean-Pierre Wintenberger
(Université de Strasbourg)

Title : "Sur la conjecture de modularité de Serre"

Contributed talks :

Participants are invited to present short contributed talks (about 20 minutes) in French or English. Their contributions should present original works and be announced by abstracts, to submit to the "Atlas Conference" (see link below)

Submit an abstract on Atlas Conference

Special issue of the JTNB :

The Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux  (http://www.emis.de/journals/JTNB/)  has accepted to publish a special issue of the JA Saint-Etienne 2009. Manuscripts have to be sent to the Journal  [see http://almira.math.u-bordeaux.fr/jtnb/jtnbsubmit.html ]    as a .ps or .pdf file, no later than January 16th, 2010. They will be refereed according to the standard rules of the Journal.

Location of the JA 

The Conference will take place at the following address  :

                                                                    Université Jean Monnet (Saint-Etienne)
                                                                    Campus Tréfilerie
                                                                    33 rue du 11 Novembre
                                                                    Maison de l'Université
                                                                    42023 Saint-Etienne cedex 2

Here is a map of the area and a map of the campus.

List of  participants

   Conference Fee

The conference fee is 120 euros (90 euros for Ph. D. students). After April 30th 2009, the  conference fee will be raised to 180 euros (135 euros for Ph. D. students) 

   Lunch meals

During the meeting, the University Cafeteria will be open to the participants for lunch from Monday to Friday, and will provide an offer of various meals. The price for each meal is 7,50 euros (including coffee). Meals have to be booked in advance at registration.

For the participants who prefer not to book their meals  now, it is possible to have lunch at the University Cafeteria, and pay for  a regular meal directly in cash.

The participants may also have lunch in some bistro restaurants near the University.

   Tours and Conference Dinner 

There won't be any scientific event at Wednesday afternoon. The afternoon ends with the  Conference Dinner (optional). In the meantime,  we offer a selection of three tours (optional) for the participants. Each tour starts at 2:00pm and ends at 5:30pm.

Tour 1 (13 euros) : Walking tour in the ancient heart of  Saint-Etienne, and visit of the Art and Industry Museum (provided that there are  at least 30 participants)
Tour 2 (24 euros) : The Mine Museum and St Victor sur Loire 
(provided that there are  at least 30 participants) NEW ! Reservations are now complete for this tour. It is no longer available.
Tour 3 (20 euros) : St Victor sur Loire and  "Le Corbusier" site (provided that there are  at least 30 participants)

Conference Dinner (35 euros) : the Conference Dinner will be on  Thursday evening.

Reservations for the tours and for the Conference Dinner have to be made during registration.  


Several possibilities are offered to the participants for the accomodations during the meeting  :

1)  University Accomodation   :  for a global price of 170 euros for 6 nights, the partipants are offered a single room (including a shower and toilets) from Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th. the price includes breakfast from Monday to Friday.  Reservations and payment have to be made during Registration.  NEW ! For the same price, now the reservation may start on Saturday 4th and end on Sunday 12th.


Here is the address of the University Accomodation :

Résidence La Cotonne
17, boulevard Raoul Duval

TELEPHONE: +33 4 77 57 30 14
NIGHT TELEPHONE: +33 6 34 31 35 58
LAUNDRY: 3 euros 5+1 euro for drying).

Sheets are furnished, but not towels.

To go to the University Accomodation from Saint-Etienne railway station: take the tram number 5, direction "Terrasse" or "Hopital Nord". Buy ticket in the automaton in the tram stop (1 euro and 30 centimes). Go out at the stop "Hotel de Ville" (5th stop after the starting point). Without crossing (a few meters at your right) take the bus number 10 (or E). It is not so frequent
http://www.stas.tm.fr/ftp/FR_lignes/L10_PS_6V_2008-09_2E-2.pdf Go out at the stop "Cite U", cross the road and go a few meters left (down). (Ninth stop, but the bus does not stop to each one. If you miss the stop, there is no problem. Two stops later, is the terminus at the top of the hill and you should go down two hundred meters. By foot or by the same bus.) Your ticket is valid "one hour and a half". You must put it in the machine for control when you change bus.

It is possible to take at the station the tram No 5, direction "place de Bellevue", go down at "Centre deux" and continue by foot (walk slightly on, almost perpendicularly to the tram street, till you find the boulevard Raoul-Duval, then turn left and continue going on).

Station - Student's home by foot: 30 or 40 minutes (use google maps)

2)  Hôtel room  :  the participants who choose this option will have to mention the hotel category they are interested in (Economical, two stars or three stars), the king of room (single, double,...) . A deposit of   50 euros  will have to be paid during registration.

3) The participants who prefer to find ans accomodation on their own will only have to mention it on the global registration form, by precising that they are interested by none of the two previous options.

CAUTION : the whole registration procedure, the payment of the conference fee (and the accomodation fee)  are entirely managed by the "Office du Tourisme"  (See the "Registration" section).

CONDITIONS OF RESERVATION (message from the Office du Tourisme) :

- On receipt of the deposit, we will confirm your reservation.
- Each participant will pay the balance of his stay directly to the hotel, deposit deducted.
- Hotel bookings will be treated in order of receipt & as long as there is availability.
- Cancellations before the cut off date: June 7th 2009 by mail or fax will lead to total refunding except booking fee.
- After this date, no refunding possible.
- For reservations after June 7th 2009, we cannot guarantee availability in the hotels.


Registration will open very soon.

The registration proceeds in two steps :

- Step 1 : the participants are invited to give their name, first name, affiliation (University,...) and their e-mail address. Then, they validate this step to access Step 2. 

- Step 2 : Every participant have to  fill a form  named  "Form1", in which they mention
                 - Their status for the Conference Fee  (Full rate, reduced rate)
                 - The number of lunch meals they want
                 -  If they wish to attend the Conference Dinner
                 -  If they wish to take  part of one of the tours
                 -  If they wish (or not) to book a room in the University Accomodation.

                 Participants who wish to book a hotel room must fill an additive form named  "Form2"

Theses forms have to be printed and mailed (or faxed) to the "Office du Tourisme" and must include the global payment (the address and  the possibilities for the payment are clearly described on each of the forms).

Access to the Registration page

   Timetable of activities

Here is the timetable of the  JA 2009 belowc. NEW :  an electronic version  of the JA2009 book, that will be given to the participants on the first day.

Monday, July 6th
8h45-9h30 Welcome
9h30-9h45 Beginning of the Conference
9h45-10h45 Jeffrey C. Lagarias
" Smooth solutions to the ABC equation"                                                            
11h15-12h15 Jerzy Kaczorowski
"Classification of L-functions of small degrees"
14h-15h30 Office du Tourisme participants who may be concerned 
15h30-16h30Contributed talks
17h00-18h30 Contributed talks
Tuesday, July 7th
9h-10h00 Laurent Lafforgue
"A propos du principe de fonctorialité de Langlands et de la formule de Poisson"
10h45-11h45 Laurent Berger
"Représentations $p$-adiques et $(\varphi,\Gamma)$-modules"
11h45-12h Photograph of the Conference, by  Philippe Rony
13h45-14h45 Alain Connes
"Le monoïde des classes d'adèles"
15h-16h30 Contributed talks
17h-18h Jean-Marie De Koninck
Conférence tout public "La vie secrète des Mathématiques"
19h Reception by the  Mayor of Saint-Etienne,  Maurice Vincent
Wednesday, July 8th
9h-10h Manfred Einsiedler "Applications of measure rigidity of diagonalizable actions"      
10h30-12h30 Contributed talks
14h Beginning of tours and visits
Thursday, July 9th
9h-10h Yann Bugeaud
 "Versions quantitatives du théorème du sous-espace et applications"                  
10h30-11h30 Michael Stoll
"Rational points on curves"
11h30-12h Discussion about the next  Journées Arithmétiques
13h45-14h45 Jean-Pierre Wintenberger
"Sur la conjecture de modularité de Serre"
15h-16h Contributed talks
16h30-18h Contributed talks
20h Conference dinner
Friday, July 10th
9h-10h15 Matthew Baker
"Graphs and arithmetic geometry"                                                                    
10h45-11h45 Joseph H. Silverman
"Specialization theorems and unlikely intersections"
13h30-15h30 Contributed talks
16h-18h Contributes talks
18h-18h15 End of the Conference

Here is a pdf version of the programme above.


January 31th,  2009 :        Third announcement

                                          Start of the registration, reservation and of Submission of abstracts.

April 30th, 2009     :           Deadline for early registration. Higher rates apply after this day.

May 31th, 2009        :        Dealine for submission of abstracts of contributed talks.

June 15th,  2009      :         Last day for registration.

January 16th 2010  :       Deadline for manuscript submission to the  JTNB.



New : in case you should need to contact urgently the organisors, you may use the following phone numbers

Organizing committee

Georges GREKOS
Olivier ROBERT
Contact :    ja2009@univ-st-etienne.fr

Address :
Université Jean Monnet (Saint-Etienne)
Faculté des Sciences,
Labotatoire de Mathématiques LaMUSE
23 rue du Docteur Michelon
42023 Saint-Etienne cedex 2,